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Shimala Group and Engaged Real Estate Group Helping People Relocate Between Texas and Washington


These two top-producing teams have partnered with the goal of helping clients who are relocating to Washington from Texas. “We joined forces with the Shimala Group because we felt that two top-producing agents based in each state would provide our customers a smooth transition and expertise in both locations,” said Realtor Terri Augustyn, founder of Engaged Real Estate Group.

Furthermore, they are creating a new blog that will be focused on the differences and similarities between the two states and how to navigate their contrasting cultures and markets. For example, approximately 60% of residents reside in the Seattle Metro Area. “However, there are so many pockets within each area that it makes it difficult to know where to start their search,” noted Augustyn. “Employment location is also a large factor when deciding where to move.”

Redmond, WA, is a popular place to relocate to for employment as it is a high-tech city and the headquarters of computer software king Microsoft and video gaming systems company Nintendo of America. It has also been recognized as a “Best Place to Live” and is known as the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.”